We believe in supporting the entrepreneurs who are building the technology of the future.

We provide specialist workspace and support to entrepreneurs looking to create some of the hottest new developments in the science and technology sector. Conveniently located within the Culham Science Centre in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, our connections here mean you can work and create alongside visionaries at the cutting edge of their field, such as the UK’s fusion research programme. This is what makes us quite literally the hottest hub on earth - the technology used by Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) requires temperatures approximately six times hotter than the sun's core (100 million Kelvin).

Part of the Culham Science Centre

The science centre was purpose-built for the UK Fusion programme, and houses a unique collection of global partners working together to create clean, sustainable energy sources for future generations.

This unique combination of people and technology make Culham Innovation Centre the perfect place for entrepreneurs in the science and tech industries to develop and grow their ideas, gain access to research and funding schemes, potential partners and future customers.

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In partnership with

Culham Innovation Centre is managed by Oxford Innovation, who started by creating Europe’s first innovation centre – and now manage a growing network of over 20 centres across the UK.

We know what works and we know how best to support you, especially in times of uncertaintly. We can also connect you to a network of over 1,000 businesses and you can use facilities in any of our locations (subject to availability).

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