With access to the brightest minds at Culham Science Centre, our connections can link you to unique technical expertise, help you to access specialist equipment and work with the forerunners of science and technology.  This is thanks to our partnerships with pioneering organisations UK Atomic Energy Authority and the  Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), the UK's national laboratory for fusion research. 

close up of a reaction engines rocket

Commerical know-how

We're serious about driving innovation forward. Our commercial connections and investment network bring you access to the expertise you need to turn your idea or discovery into a commercial success.

Here's how our expert advice and investor networks have helped attract £100 million in investment for aerospace engine pioneer  Reaction Engines.


The proof is in the innovation


We can help you to push the boundaries in your field, by making invaluable mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering skills and technologies accessible through our network of industry connections within Culham Science Centre.

Read more about how collaborations at Culham create futures for visionaries like Isis Instruments and Laplacian.


In-house business support

Need to talk to someone about your business direction and growth? Wendy, our in-house Innovation Director is on hand to give you advice and support. We understand what it takes to make a company successful. And we understand that you might not have all the know-how you need in these uncertain times.

Wendy has many years of experience in providing practical business support for our tech community and can connect you with relevant sources of help and initiatives. We all have one common goal: to see your business thrive.


Access specialist support

All the knowledge and expertise you need to excel.
Image to represent microwave systems, which Culham Innovation centre can provide as specialist support to businesses

Microwave systems

Image to represent cryogenic systems, one of the forms of specialist support provided by Culham Innovation centre

Cryogenic systems

Icon to represent the vaccum systems available in Culham Innovation Centre laboratory space.

Vacuum systems

Icon to represent the plasma technology and diagnostics support available at Culham Science Park

Plasma technology and diagnostics

Icon to represent gas injection, a form of specialist support offered by Culham Innovation centre

Gas injection

Icon to represent electromagnet design, one of the forms of specialist support that members of the Culham science park community can access

Electromagnet design

Icon to represent control systems, a form of specialist support available at Culham science park

Control systems

Icon to represent signals processing, a form of technical support available at Culham Innovation Centre, Abingdon.

Signals processing

Icon to represent computing support, one of many forms of technical support available at Culham Science Park.


Icon to represent the data acquisition knowledge and tools available at Culham Innovation centre

Data acquisitions

Icon to represent particle beams, one of the many forms of specialist equipment available in lab space at Culham Innovation Centre

Particle beams

Icon to represent specialist knowledge of innovative bonding techniques available at Culham Innovation centre

Innovative bonding techniques

Icon to represent the knowledge and tools for material joining available to the Culham Science community

Material joining

Icon to represent the online manufacturing resource offered to members of the Culham Science community

Onsite manufacturing resource

Icon to represent the advice and consultancy services available to members of the Culham community

Advice and consultancy

Icon to represent the design and manufacturing support and resrouces available at Culham Science Park

Design and manufacturing 

Icon to represent knowledge and tools for specialist processing techniques

Processing techniques 

Icon to represent conceptual guidance for cost saving, a form of specialist support offered by Culham Innovation Cenre

Conceptual guidance for cost savings