Our approach to commercialising science and technological discoveries has helped create some of the hottest new developments in the modern world.

With state of the art workspace, conveniently located within the Culham Science Park in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, our connections here mean you can work and create alongside visionaries like the UK’s fusion research programme.

The technology used by Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), based at Culham Science Park, requires temperatures approximately six times hotter than the sun's core (100 million Kelvin). This makes us quite literally the hottest hub on earth.

Join Europe’s top innovators in science and technology


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After starting with a handful of innovators over 15 years ago, we are now one of Europe’s leading science and technology communities.

We belong to and are backed by the powerful network and experienced team at Oxford Innovation. A startup and developing support organisation with over 20 years of experience, Oxford Innovation is currently helping over 950 businesses to grow.


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The largest operator of innovation centres in the UK, with 24 and growing, Oxford Innovation is also a leader of social and economic development. By providing infrastructure for developing companies, we create financial return for building owners while contributing to the economy in region. This offers the businesses that operate in each centre reassurance for longer-term security and a proven growth model to help them succeed.



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Our team based at Culham Innovation Centre know exactly what to ask, and how to fit out your space so you can hit the ground running. With a close network of commercial experts, our people will connect you to specialist advice and skill providers that will move your business forward.

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Centre Director
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