Our Companies


We have an eclectic mix of innovative customers within Culham, making the most of our labs and workspaces to develop new advancements in science and technology.



iWantGreatCare is the world’s leading platform for independent patient ratings and reviews.


We use continuous, real-time collection of quantitative and qualitative patient feedback to help organisations understand patient experience and outcomes.

Active Needle

Diagnosing cancer early and accurately is crucial for effective treatment and survival. Active Needle Technology Ltd aims to develop much better solutions for cancer detection.


GeneFirst Ltd is a molecular diagnostics company working predominantly in the fields of infectious disease, cancer diagnostics and personalized medicine.


Laplacian provide a range of high technology magnet systems for Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMT and other applications where other applications where special attention to magnetic field properties is required.


Plasmatreat UK Limited: – Innovative, safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly Openair plasma technology. Like no other form of energy, plasma energy is outstandingly suited for targeted surface treatment of all types of materials. Even highly sensitive surfaces can be reliably and safely cleaned, activated and coated.

Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy aims to accelerate the development of fusion energy by combining two emerging technologies – spherical tokamaks and high-temperature superconductors. Tokamaks are the most advanced fusion concept in the world, but we take an innovative approach to develop fusion faster.