Canary Care

November 9th 2016

How a Culham tech company took care into the digital age with cutting-edge telecare solutions.

The team at Canary Care

Canary Care, based at Culham Innovation Centre has developed a unique telecare solution to provide carers of elderly relatives with invaluable round the clock reassurance. Wireless sensors are placed in rooms that are in use most often to monitor movement, light and temperature.  The sensors connect to a router, operated by a mobile telephone signal, which sends data from the sensors to Canary’s remote secure servers.

"Being based at Culham Innovation Centre is perfect for our business model.  We’re already bursting at the seams of our second office and are likely to expand within the innovation centre for a third time this year

Stuart Butterfield, Co-founder and Technical Director, Canary Care

Canary Care is poised to build on its lean team of six this year.  The kind of new staff required will depend on the success of the company’s consumer or B2B sales model. The Canary Care team has all experienced caring for elderly relatives first-hand, which remains at the heart of the business.  This has resulted in an underlying passion and belief in a strong product that empowers people to stay in their own homes, surrounded by family memories, for as long as they are physically able.

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