November 9th 2016

How an eco-construction company doubled in size since establishing their Design Office at Culham Innovation Centre.

Meet the team at Greencore Construction

Low-carbon building specialist, Greencore Construction, has taken office space at Culham Innovation Centre following an increase in residential and commercial property customers seeking to take advantage of significant energy savings gained from eco-buildings. Although Greencore is relatively new, the main team have worked together for many years and were responsible for building the first M&S eco store (located at Cheshire Oaks) and an archive building for the Science Museum at Wroughton.

Ian Pritchett, Managing Director of Greencore

“It was important for us to have an office in Oxfordshire as it is centrally located with easy access to London.  Culham Innovation Centre was the perfect fit with it being located at a science campus combined with the flexibility to expand at the centre without costly overheads associated with office moves.”

Ian Pritchett, MD Greencore

Greencore Construction is currently in the process of building five houses at Oxfordshire’s Cumnor Hill on behalf of property company, HAB Housing, set-up by Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud. HAB, which stands for Happiness Architecture Beauty, has grown from this strongly rooted philosophy, into a growing force in the housing market. Greencore is also planning to establish regional factories across the UK to facilitate further expansion.

December 14th 2023

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November 30th 2023

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November 16th 2023

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