Genefirst have developed a COVID-19 test

August 24th 2020

We have developed a simple to use COVID-19 molecular diagnostic test which can be used in clinical laboratories to process patient samples and to detect those positive for COVID-19.

We have since extended this development to include other common flu season pathogens, such as Influenza and RSV in our test, to support effective screening and triage of symptomatic patients. With the support of our network across Europe we will be conducting clinical studies to determine the utility and effectiveness of adopting these assays into the healthcare system, such as the NHS. Whilst COVID development is a top priority, GeneFirst continues to develop and launch oncology tests for use with liquid biopsies, and to grow the team as part of the business plan for expansion. - Winnie Wu, CEO GeneFirst Limited

December 14th 2023

Customer Connection: NST&T Afrikanet

NST&T Afrikanet is a broadband internet and telecommunications company with the aim of reducing digital divides across the world, especially across Africa. We got the opportunity to speak with Casimir Berthier Fotso Chatue, Co-Founder of Afrikanet, to find out more about their business and their history with Culham Innovation Centre. […]

November 30th 2023

Customer Connection: CFS

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) is an American fusion power company founded in 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts after a spin-out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We got the opportunity to speak with Anthony Hollingsworth, Principal Tritium Scientist at CFS, to find out more about their company and its ambitions […]

November 16th 2023

Customer Connection: Oxitec Ltd

Oxitec is the leading developer of biological solutions to control pests that transmit disease, destroy crops, and harm livestock. We got the opportunity to speak with Sanjay Basu, Molecular Biology Team Lead of Oxitec, to find out more about their experience at Culham Innovation Centre, and their company’s plans for […]